Never slowing down

I have a habit of working too much.

That is just how I am.

A lot of times I work so much I forget to have important things done. One of which was getting my central heating and air conditioning system tuned up and checked up for the season. This nearly cost me having to get a whole new central heating and air conditioning system. When I did finally remember to call the heating and cooling company to get the HVAC tune up done they found that my central heating and air conditioning unit was on its last leg! However they were able to repair it to where I could squeeze a few more years of life out of it. Had I not got them over to my place to do the seasonal heating and air conditioning tune up and check up, the central HVAC unit would have broken down once and for all and I would have had to buy a new one. This all had taught me something. And that is to not overwork myself so much that I begin neglecting everyday things that simply are important and need to be done. Ever since this day I have been paying close attention to things and I have slowed down a little bit with my consistent working spree that I threw myself on. And I am very very glad I did so. Not only is it better for my health, but it is much better for my central heating and air conditioning system unit.

furnace/heater tune-up