Why can’t kids learn about HVAC machines in school?

I had a pretty amazing thought the other day about our new education system.

I was thinking about a ton of things between my days in school as a kid plus teenager plus my own children in school today.

I truly suppose it would be relaxing if they began teaching about heating plus a/c machines in school! As crazy as that seems, there is a reason. It is because heating plus cooling systems are becoming an immense section of life plus every day needs the last decade or so. It seems everyone has a central heating plus cooling machine, plus that central heating plus cooling systems are pretty much needed for survival, especially in the more rougher temperatures where the heat plus the cold are high at particular times of the year. If kids were able to learn more about heating plus a/c machines, they can be prepared on what to do later in life when they are on their own. They would easily understand what to look for when a central heating plus cooling machine was going to break down plus they would also entirely know what to do in the event of a Heating plus A/C emergency plus what is available today through multiple heating plus cooling companies in the event of that Heating plus A/C emergency. The schools should truly consider something like this! Or maybe I am just talking out of my head here. But this is how I actually think about the whole thing. Back when I was in school the people I was with and I didn’t have central heating plus a/c machines as a proper thing in people’s residences, so it didn’t matter that much.

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