Bad odor saved my HVAC system before it was too late

If you are not keen, you may go for years without considering repair for any of your house appliances.

In fact, unless a device breaks down, some people may stay for years without getting a servicing appointment.

While it is normal to be busy and forget, it is essential to give all your appliances regular servicing and repairs. You will save yourself a lot of money and trouble in the end. I, too, did not believe in taking care of something that was not yet broken. For this reason, it took a foul odor in my house for me to notice my HVAC system required immediate repair. When I first noticed an odd smell, I assumed something might have been stuck in the vents and died. I called an exterminator and he informed me that the odor was coming from the HVAC equipment. Without hesitation, I contacted a residential HVAC technician and pleaded with him to come to my rescue. When he arrived, he mentioned that most people do not take air conditioner service seriously, resulting in low air quality in the house. He narrowed down my problem to mold accumulated inside the HVAC unit. Out of curiosity, I asked how that came to happen. He explained that since the air conditioner gets rid of moisture from the house in addition to cooling, if that moisture does not drain properly, mold starts to grow on the moist parts. He also further explained that the only way to get rid of the smell and improve my home’s air quality was to examine the HVAC unit. He repaired and serviced the air conditioner and advised that I made an HVAC system servicing appointment at least once a year.


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