Clean building better represents my brand

There is something special about owning my own business.

It’s thrilling when the operation takes off and becomes successful.

Suddenly there was a huge demand for my services. Within a couple years, I opened up three more locations. This was far more success than I ever dreamed. I went very quickly from running just one small shop to having four expanding operations. At one time, I wore all the hats. I acted as the owner, the supervisor, the cleaning service, maintenance guy, accountant and anything else that I needed to be. This extra effort was necessary to grow the business, save on expenses and ensure everything was done right. This probably has something to do with why my business became successful so quickly. That dedication and quality was apparent in every aspect of my services. However, as much as I enjoyed my way of doing business, I couldn’t sustain it. I had to learn how to delegate. I have some really great people who work for me. I listened to their advice. I did a lot of research as well. When I opened up the three new locations, I had to act more as a businessman than a shop owner. That meant hiring help. I started by signing up with commercial cleaning services for each of the locations. I no longer had the time to handle all of the cleaning requirements. I needed professionals to take proper care of all the floors, windows, surfaces and janitorial supplies. They take those extra steps such as floor stripping and waxing to keep the work environment looking, feeling and smelling nice and clean. Having a clean office helps with productivity, air quality and to better represent my brand.



Floor stripping service