I got my mom an air conditioner for her birthday

Menopause makes life hard, especially since no one is aware of its onset. The phase has different signs and symptoms that may vary from one individual to another. Some of the most common symptoms include fatigue, nausea, irritability, loss of appetite, craving of certain foods, and hot flushes. The last-mentioned symptom can be uncomfortable because it comes in random waves and is barely expected. When my mom told me that the doctor had officially diagnosed her with menopause, I decided to get her an air conditioner. She used to complain a lot that the house had suddenly gotten hotter. At that moment, I knew she needed a cooling equipment to ease her transition. I knew the HVAC system would also make life easier for my dad, who hated sleeping with the windows open. My parents never needed an air conditioner before because they live in an area with mild seasons. However, for the sake of both my mother and father, I knew that it was finally time to get them an air conditioner. At least, I hoped to ease the discomfort of the hot flushes. I waited until my mom’s birthday, which was two weeks after her diagnosis, and purchased the air conditioner from a local HVAC provider. After I gave her the good news, she gladly accepted, and the next step was to set the day when the HVAC technician would install the HVAC system. The equipment did a terrific job cooling down our house’s temperatures. My mother sleeps comfortably, and my dad does not complain about the open windows.


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