My boss does not joke when it comes to the air quality

Some workplaces are very specific about providing a great work environment for their employees, while others only care about the output. Working in an unhealthy environment can affect you individually. It can tamper with your physical and mental health. Furthermore, a bad work environment can directly affect your work performance. You may not be able to work as fast or as efficiently as you would if the conditions were better. In turn, your poor performance will then negatively affect the overall performance of the company. I am always grateful that I got a job, which provides a great working environment. One of the features I enjoy most at the office is the air conditioning. I appreciate indoor spaces with cooling and general air conditioning. I believe our boss has similar preferences because he is very particular about the HVAC system. Any time he suspects any form of fault, no matter how small, he asks to contact the HVAC technician to come and check the heating and cooling system. Ideally, an air conditioner can operate fairly well with a single yearly servicing appointment. However, my boss makes sure the entire HVAC system is checked every three months. He argues that regular checkups mean less damage in the future and probably avoiding costly air conditioner repair. He also says that if anything is making him uncomfortable, it is most definitely making us uncomfortable too. Therefore, to him, having the air conditioning functioning properly is a non-negotiable requirement. I conquer with him since when I am working in a room a cooling and heating equipment, my productivity skyrockets.

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