My cat's life change when I upgraded my floors

Cats have a very strong relationship with warmth.

Science and history suggest that domesticated cats come from a line of ancient desert animals.

These cat ancestors thrived in very hot environments, thus requiring heat. No matter the season, cats always seek out warmth. If they are not somewhere basking under the hot sun, then you will find them curled up next to a fireplace. I believe it keeps their body in the preferred temperatures and helps them get adequate sleep. No wonder you will sometimes find your cat squeezed up next to you when you are sleeping. I did not know how much my cat, Jen, enjoyed indoor heating until I got heated floors. Ever since I installed the heating system, Jen seems happier and content. She likes to spend a lot of time in the living room where the heating is always on and rarely goes outside to bask or sit in my potted plants. One of the best features of the heated floors is they are pet-friendly. Before having this HVAC installed, I did thorough research to determine if they were safe for pets. It turns out the heating system is not only safe but also enjoyable. The heating method is more convenient for my house than the usual air conditioners. However, Jen seems to be the real benefactor of the heating floors. She never had long and seemingly enjoyable naps as she does when I switch on the heating system. She literally stretches her body out to let the heating find its way to every part. It makes me happy to know that I made an investment that benefits us.

Air conditioning expert