The boiler system is ideal for a person suffering from allergies

Allergies are a result of the body’s immune system reacting to foreign substances such as food, mold, pollen, insect, pet or medications.

Treatment for allergies usually involves avoiding allergy triggers, immunotherapy, and medications.

However, in the scenario whereby the air quality in your house causes allergies, it would be better to look for a treatment method that gets rid of the triggers. A simple action such as choosing the right heating equipment for your house can make a huge impact. The air inside the house contains millions of substances mostly stuck in your home’s ducts. When the air conditioner is switched on, these contaminants are blown into the rooms of your house where you end up breathing them into your lungs. The best type of heater installation in such a case is the boiler system. This type of heating is often called the radiant heating system and does not depend on the home’s vent system. A boiler heating system involves installing a central boiler connected to a network of water pipes throughout a house. The pipes have to be installed in the walls/floors of each room that needs heating too. When heat is switched on, the boiler heats the water and distributes it throughout the pipes system, which, hence, transfers the heat into the rooms as the water runs through the pipes. There is no circulation of air when heating the house. That is the primary reason why the boiler heating system is helpful to people who suffer from allergies caused by dust in the ducts.

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