Visiting a childhood friend change my perception of the basement

For a very long time, I had no use for my basement.

Being a busy person, I rarely stepped my feet into that space.

However, that was to change when I visited my childhood friend I had not seen in years. After he invited me into his house, I had a chance to meet his family, and then he requested that we hang out in the basement. He had turned his basement into a livable space fully finished and equipped with an HVAC system to make it comfortable all year round. Honestly, I had never thought of heating and cooling my basement, and it was more of a storage unit holding all the junk I was too lazy to dispose of. Well, after catching up and reminiscing the old days, he disclosed to me that he worked as an accountant with an HVAC provider. The conversation changed into Q and A about how he had improved his basement and the air conditioning was perfect. He further explained that one of his colleagues, an HVAC technician, sold him the idea of doing something to his basement by turning it into a “cool” place. Also, designing and installing the right heating and cooling system for his basement added value to his home. The whole time I was thinking about what I could do with my basement and I asked whether I can talk to his HVAC technician friend about the issue. He said he would arrange for us to meet and I am looking forward to this.
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