I could tell there were problems

About a few months ago I was at my brother’s house visiting and while we were having dinner, there was this strong smell that was starting to fill the room. It kind of smelled like gas, which could be a problem and potentially deadly! We were trying to figure out what it was since as far as he knew, he had nothing gas related in the house. There was no gas furnace, gas stoves or even no gas fireplaces. The heating and air conditioning system was all central and electric. So we had no idea where the gas smell was coming from! We were starting to think that maybe something had gone wrong with the air conditioning or the heating system that may have been blowing that smell through the air ducts. However, my brother said he had just had the heating and the air conditioning system air ducts cleaned by a heating and cooling professional service here in town. At this point we continued to go looking through the house to see what or where the smell was coming from. Finally, we reached the basement and found out that one of his pets had knocked over a bottle of rubbing alcohol! The smell was carrying up through the basement air vent going through the house! Now eventually, the fumes from that rubbing alcohol could have caused some problems, but thankfully, it was not gas! We were both relieved and laughed about it, then we went back and finished our dinner. It was a really good time otherwise. No other problems happened while I was there.

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