Why is your gas or oil furnace blowing cold air?

Air won’t pass through a dirty or restrained air filter; Dirty air filters will strain your gas furnace by making it task overtime to push out the heated air leading to overheating.

  • The overheating causes the inner safety sensors to automatically turn off plus blow cold air to cool your gas furnace.

To solve the problem, you need to change your air filters correctly. If you upgrade restrained air filters with more current single in your older gas gas furnace, but it still blows cold air, you need to inspect the Heating plus Air Conditioning system’s pilot light. Older units have a pilot light. A pilot light continuously burns on to light your gas furnace burners when required. If the gas furnace is blowing very cold air, it could be that the pilot light is out. Try to relight your pilot light to resolve the issue. Almost all Modern gas furnaces have an electric ignitor instead of the pilot light. Switch on plus off the igniter to resolve the issue. If it persists, your Heating plus Air Conditioning unit will most likely need a complete Heating plus Air Conditioning service and repairs from a qualified Heating plus Air Conditioning professional. You can get an Heating plus Air Conditioning service provider to do a gas furnace repair. Your gas furnace’s blower could also be blowing cold air because of pinholes in your air duct. Leaking ducts causes cold air from your basement plus attic to look into the vents as hot air goes out through the duct holes. Repair the ducts with pinholes to resolve the issue. Check your gas gas furnace to ensure it has enough gas supply or if the gas supply has been cut as a safety mechanism. If it’s functioning well, you should inspect your air vents and grates. If they are restrained by drapes or furniture, they could cause your gas furnace to overheat the same as it would with a dirty or restrained air filter. This overheating prompts the limit switch to turn off plus beginning blowing cold air. Make sure that nothing is blocking your air vents. Finally, check your control unit setting. Change the thermostat settings from ON to AUTO to stop the Heating plus Air Conditioning component from blowing cold air instead of heated air.


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